Blind Spot Mirrors.XLarge for SUV, Truck, and Pick-up Engineered by Utopicar for Blind Side- 2 Pack

Blind Spot Mirrors



Easily change lanes and merge highways traffic safety.Best quality adhesive so mirror won't fall.XL Blind spot mirrors ideal for SUVs and pick up trucks. 
SSM040 / Large

About this item

    • THE EXTRA PEACE OF MIND YOU NEED WHEN DRIVING BIG VEHICLES --- Mirrors carefuly designed for Truck, SUV, and VAN, Extra large size with an increased field of vision, XLARGE WHEN SIZE MATTERS just what you need when driving big vehicles
    • EASY TO INSTALL -- Forget about mirrors that fall on the carwash. we Include the best 3M adhesive with our mirrors to make sure they stay in place just how you like it
    • FEEL SAFE TO CHANGE LANES AND MERGE HIGHWAYS -- Avoid that anxious feeling when changing lanes or merging highways and not knowing if there is a car right next to you. It is a horrible feeling for you and for the other driver. That's why our rearview mirror accessories have a unique engineered design for better visibility